Drip Fest #2: The Ami Faku Edition 

A new breed of house music has taken root in Kenya. Afro House, Amapiano, is rich in its application of African Drums, Percussion and Strings and is billed to be Kenya’s next big sound, having already taken root in Southern Africa and receiving a lot of recognition from the rest of the world.What attracted masses to Afro House is how it blends certain African Elements with the internationally renowned House beats to create sounds that captivate the listener.Drip Fest Oontz Edition was headlined by Ami Faku. Ami Faku quickly became a household name and a leading figure with South Africa’s thriving Afro Soul scene in the late 2010s.While Ami Faku remains rooted in her culture and traditional music sensibilities, she also embraces contemporary Afro Pop, Afro house, and Amapiano sounds that provide a spotlight for her gripping, breathy voice.

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