Koffi Olomide Live
Sat 09 Dec 23 4:00 PM ToSun 10 Dec 23 12:30 AM
--A.S.K Show Ground, The Dome--
Paid Music Concert Koffi Olomide Rhumba Festival
Starts at 5,000.00 KSh
Box Pod Live Sessions
Sat 02 Dec 23 11:00 AM ToSat 02 Dec 23 6:00 PM
--Nairobi Street Kitchen--
Paid Food and Drink Art Fashion
Registrations Closed
Old Skool Dunda
Sat 02 Dec 23 12:00 PM ToSat 02 Dec 23 11:55 PM
--Clarette BBQ and Picnic New Muthaiga ,Thigiri Ridge--
Food and Drink Fashion Paid Online Festival
Registrations Closed
Wash Wash Icon Movie Premiere
Mon 11 Dec 23 5:00 PM ToTue 12 Dec 23 1:00 AM
--Edge Convention--
Paid Food and Drink Art Music Concert Exhibition entertainment
Starts at 2,000.00 KSh

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